Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Rates?

Type Size Cost/day
VIP Deluxe Suites with window  8′ x 9′ $25
VIP Standard Suite without window  8′ x 9′ $25
Premium XL Run  6′ x 6′ $20
Premium Large Run  4½′ x 6′ $20
Premium Medium Run  3½′ x 6′ $18

Where do we drop off and pick up our dog?

Owners will drop-off and pick-up at Black Oak Boarding facility.

We schedule drop-off a pick-up during set morning and afternoon hours. Since our staff will be so involved with the pets, a scheduled time will keep things efficient and timely for you.


What is the menu for Extra services?

Service Description Cost

Play Time

Individual, 10 minutes (AM/PM)
Group, 30 minutes (Paired with similar size & temperament)



Short walk, 10 minutes (AM/PM)
Barnyard walk, 20 minutes (AM/PM)


Cuddle Time

10 minutes of ear scratches and belly rubs (AM/PM/EVE)



Small dog (5–30lb)
Medium dog (31–50lb)
Large dog (51+ lb)
Heavy Coated breeds

additional $5


1 & Done
Little Extra
Brush & Fluff


Stuffed Kong

Give your dog the treat of a stuffed Kong (AM/PM/EVE)


Seasonal Treat

Give your dog an ice-cold slice of watermelon, whole carrot, sweet potato, doggie ice cream, or homemade dog cookie, depending on the season.



What can I bring for my dog?

We encourage owners to bring their dog’s own food from home to avoid upset stomachs that can be caused by introducing a new food. Please put pre-measured dog food in a clean, sealed plastic container labeled with the dog’s name. Toys and blankets are also welcome, however, Black Oak Boarding is not responsible for laundering items. Cots are provided for every guest.


Are Black Oak Boarding and Pella Pets Veterinary Clinic the same thing?

No. These are two separate businesses, with separate facilities and staff.

However, Black Oak Boarding and PPVC are “related” and will cooperate to provide the best service to you and your dog!

Payment for boarding will be made at and to Black Oak Boarding.



What if I don’t want any extra services?

No problem! Your dog will rest in a kennel and have normal care, attention, and outdoor breaks—the same as always.


Who do I call if I have questions or concerns?

The phone number for Black Oak Boarding is (641)-651-0639. Also, our email address is


Do you board cats?

No. Black Oak Boarding does not board cats. Cat boarding is available at Pella Pets.


Can you handle my dog’s medication schedule?

We are able to continue with your dog’s medication schedule. Oral medication will be administered at no charge; however, a fee of $3/dose for injection medication will occur.